Questionnaire for the assessment of subjective physical functioning


The HEP-Test-Q is the first German-speaking disease-specific questionnaire for the assessment of subjective physical functioning for patients with haemophilia.

The HEP-Test-Q is a short and well-accepted questionnaire, assessing subjective physical performance of patients with haemophilia, which might be combined with objective assessments to reveal aspects, which cannot be measured objectively, such as body perception.

The HEP-Test-Q is characterized by the following features:

  • multidimensional
  • short
  • age-specific
  • practical
  • acceptable
  • reliable
  • valid
  • responsive
  • translated
The HEP-Test-Q is a multidemensional designed questionnaire with the dimensions 'mobility', 'strength & coordination', 'endurance' und 'body perception'. The HEP-Test-Q is a short questionnaire with 26 items. For the HEP-Test-Q a version for adults and one for children is available. The HEP-Test-Q is easy to handle with an average completion time of 14 minutes. Patients find the HEP-Test-Q easy to fill in. The internal consistency of all dimensions of the HEP-Test-Q is above the critical value of Cronbach's alpha >.70 and the Retest-Reliability reveal for all dimensions correlations above a value of r=.75. The HEP-Test-Q is able to discriminate between clinical subgroups. The HEP-Test-Q demonstrates to be responsive after a 6-month training intervention twice a week for 90 minute; Haemophilia patients report significantly better values in the dimension 'endurance' with a large effect size, the ‘total score’ of the HEP-Test-Q has a medium effect size. For the HEP-Test-Q some translations are already available.