Questionnaire for the assessment of subjective physical functioning



The HEP-Test-Q is the property of the HEP-Test-Q Study Group represented by PD Dr. Sylvia von Mackensen, University Medical Centre Hamburg-Eppendorf, Hamburg, Germany and Prof. Hilberg, University of Wuppertal, Germany.

Copyright & User agreement

The questionnaire copyright of the HEP-Test-Q is to be acknowledged in the use and the publication of results (please consult the publication list for correct citation).

The use of the original HEP-Test-Q and existing translations is subject to the standard copyright protection, i.e.

  • the original source and authorship shall be quoted and acknowledged,
  • the instrument shall not be modified to maintain its scientific integrity.

It is mandatory that items of the questionnaire are not changed in wording and that no unauthorized translations are made.

Development of new translations, modified versions or any other derivatives – such as electronic versions – are not permitted without special permission and involvement of the HEP-Test-Q Study Group. Please contact PD Dr. Sylvia von Mackensen.


The HEP-Test-Q can be downloaded and used after registration and validation of your data.

You are asked to identify yourself as well as the institution you are working in and to provide information about the intended use of the questionnaire in research or clinical practice. When using the HEP-Test-Q in a clinical or epidemiological trial a synopsis must be provided in addition.

The HEP-Test-Q an be used without any fee for academic purposes. If the HEP-Test-Q is used in a clinical trial the copyright holder has to be consulted (see contact).

Scoring information will then be provided to score the questionnaire.

To register, please fill in the registration form. After you have received the username and password in a separate email you will be able to download the respective questionnaire version on this web site under languages.

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